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Smak Tapas, Deli och Mera
Åsgatan 31, 791 71 Falun Itinéraire

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"At Smak Tapas, Deli och Mera in Dalarna you will find Falu residents' own living room located in Munktellska house dating from the 1700s. This is a modern restaurant which takes advantage of the classical architecture in a tasteful manner. This restaurant is perfect to enjoy tasty and well-prepared side dishes, to sit and enjoy a glass of good wine in the library, to pop in for a quick weekday dinner or to buy some lovely cheeses or cured meats from their well-stocked deli. In short, there is always a reason for a visit. The food is composed largely of local ingredients, but the flavours come from all over the world with a particular fondness for the South European cuisine. There is everything from simple and flavourful stews, delicious hors d'oeuvres and well-aged cheeses. You may also want to look into the well-stocked wine cellar located under the classic stone arches in the basement. In summer, Smak Tapas, Deli och Mera also boasts a gorgeous outdoor terrace in perhaps the city's best location."


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